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New members

Dear Potential New Members,


Thank you for considering becoming a part of A Hand Up. We are a group of likeminded people who have joined together in a commitment to our community. We believe that by combining our financial resources we are best able to magnify and maximize the impact of our giving. We all bring a strong desire to assist Atlanta-based non-profit organizations fulfill their missions. Our contributions are not limited to any one group or area of concern. It makes no difference to us if the organization assists young or old, male or female, black or white. We aid groups targeting homelessness, health care, hunger, education, etc. We are blessed and truly want to provide “A Hand Up.” A Hand Up members nominate organizations for grant consideration. A Hand Up members act as advocates for each of these groups by making site inspections and insuring that our very thorough grant application is completed and submitted. A Hand Up members review the applications and prepare summaries for the rest of our members to review before voting. Each and every member is given the same number of votes to cast to determine which grant submissions will be funded. After all the votes are counted the grant requests that receive the most votes are funded until grant dollars for the particular year are exhausted. After the grants have been awarded A Hand Up members make sure recipient agencies report on how effectively the grants are being spent and report back to the group.

What do we want from you? A desire to be part of our group and a minimum contribution of $1,000. Members can choose to be as involved (or uninvolved) in the process described above as they wish. While there are no participation requirements, we really hope you’ll want to be actively involved. Every member is afforded the same number of votes regardless of the amount of their financial contribution. Please remember, the only way to fund more requests is to have more members or to have members contribute more. Being involved in A Hand Up Atlanta has given more to us than we have given to the wonderful organizations that we fund. If you have any questions please feel free to call Sharon and Stuart Cott at 404.255.5520 or Lynn and Jon Kleinberg at 770.668.0971.


Join us in making a difference in our community … credit cards accepted

Click on A HAND Up Atlanta and enter your credit card details 

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